Introduction & Overview of Rock Scour - Four Part Series


One of the many lessons learned from the 2017 Oroville spillway incidents was there is a poor understanding in the industry of assessing the erodibility (scour) of earthen (soil and rock) spillway chutes.  There appears to be a general lack of knowledge in the information, tools, methods, and interpretation of the erodibility of earthen materials.  This workshop will provide the knowledge and understanding of what information is needed for a scour assessment, what current tools and methods are available to perform a scour assessment, and provide case histories illustrating the use and interpretation of the results of scour analyses.

This webinar will be limited to the characterization, evaluation, analysis, and remediation of erodibility of rock scour.  Erodibility of soils will not be covered.


This webinar will provide a general overview for the understanding of the factors that influence the erodibility of rock.

Target Audience

Novice to seasoned professionals will all benefit from this webinar.  All sub-disciplines of civil engineering and engineering geology should attend.

Dr. George Annandale, P.E.


George W. Annandale, Inc.

Dr. Annandale has more than 40 years of experience specializing in water resources engineering.  He is known for the development of the Erodibility Index Method that has globally been accepted by the engineering profession for design and safety assessment of infrastructure.  The book "Scour Technology", which he authored and was published by McGraw-Hill in 2006 has become a standard reference in this field of specialization. Dr. Annandale consults internationally, has worked on projects in more than 25 countries and was named by International Water Power and Dam Construction as one of 20 engineers who globally made a significant contribution to dam engineering.

Dr. Mike George, P.E.

Geological Engineer

BGC Engineering

Dr. George is a geological engineer specializing in water resources and dam engineering with focus on foundation / spillway erodibility, scour remediation, rock mechanics, hydraulics, high-resolution remote sensing monitoring, and reliability methods. He has worked as a consulting engineer and researcher in the United States and abroad and has developed methodologies for evaluation of rock mass erodibility, delivered training to FERC/USACE on scour, and authored over 25 papers on the subject including sections of the recently updated FERC Engineering Guidelines for Arch Dams (2018). Dr. George is also co-chair to the newly formed International Working Group on Overflowing & Overtopping Erosion (IWGOOE) hosted through ICOLD.


Webinar Part 1
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Webinar Part 2
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Webinar Part 3
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Webinar Part 4
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