How do I log into the USSD Learning Center?
If you are already an USSD member or have an USSD account, log in with your username and password. If you're new to USSD and the Learning Center, please create your account now.  You can save money on registration by becoming a USSD member HERE.
E-mail if you have trouble logging in.

What if I'm not a USSD member but I've registered for a USSD event in the past?
If you've registered online for USSD events in the past, you are in the database but were never required to obtain a password. To log in to the USSD Training Center you are required to use a password. To obtain your password with an existing profile, simply do a password reset HERE. After you reset your password return to the USSD Learning Center and log in. You will now be able to register for webinars. If you still have issues, please send an email to to get help.

What do I do if I experience a problem when I'm logged into a webinar/session?
If you are already logged into a webinar and experience a problem (slides stop advancing, streaming audio stops/fails, etc.), please follow the steps below:

  1. Try clicking the “Refresh" button in your web browser. It looks like a circle with arrows.
  2. Clear the cache in your web browser. Then close your web browser completely. Open your web browser again and try logging into the event/archive again.
  3. If none of the above steps resolve the issues, direct your web browser to and download Firefox.
  4. If you are still having a problem, email USSD at

How do I sign up for a product?
Click on the Catalog to access the list of products on the USSD Learning Center homepage.

Once you find the product for which you would like to register, you can either click “Register" to add it to your cart right away or “More Information" to view the session description, learning objectives, and speaker information. You will be able to register on the session detail page too.

When you are ready to complete the registration, click “Cart" on the top of the screen. You will be able to see all the webinars in your cart and make edits if needed. Then click “Place My Order." An e-mail confirmation will be sent to your account e-mail address when the registration is completed successfully.

To join the live webinar or view the recording, log into the USSD Learning Center and click on the Dashboard. You should be able to see all the webinars you are registered for on your dashboard. Click the session title to be directed to the session details page where you will find the option to open the meeting on the right of your screen under “Presentation."

Where do I find all the products I attended/registered for?
You will see all the products for which you are registered and all the sessions added to your account on your Dashboard. The dashboard button is at the top of the USSD Learning Center.  From there you will also be able to track your Professional Development Hours (PDHs).

How do I use the Profile page?
Here you can view your profile information which for live events is shared with the instructors ahead of time.  However updates to your profile need to be completed on the USSD website. You may need to log in again to access your profile.  Please take the time to fill in the interest categories.  As the catalog of webinar grows, you will be able to filter the catalog by areas of interest.

What is your refund policy/how can I request a refund?
Refunds will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Please e-mail and include 1) your name; 2) the name of the product for which you would like a refund, and 3) the reason you are requesting a refund.

Can I get continuing education credits for the sessions I attend?
Not at this time. However this is an option that is being considered.

How do I get my Professional Development Hours (PDHs) certificate?
When you register for a product that offers PDHs, you must complete the minimum requirements to receive your PDH Certificate. Once you meet those requirements, your PDH certificate will be automatically generated. You may view and download the certificate any time from your dashboard.

How do manage my PDH and Transcripts?
You access your PDH history and transcripts from your Dashboard. You can use your dashboard to track all your education. You can import and add transcripts from other organizations inside the Dashboard on the transcripts page HERE.

What is the difference between Group Training and Quantity Discounts?
Group training is intended for any size group that wants to watch a webinar in a group setting for one price.  PDHs are awarded only to the person who registers for the group training.  USSD Members can receive a discount off the non-member group price by applying a discount code.  To obtain a discount code, please contact USSD at  The quantity discount is a way for five or more people to receive a 10 percent discount and individually receive PDHs on a webinar.  The 10 percent discount is applied to the standard rate for both USSD members and non-members.  The webinar needs to be viewed independently so each individual receives the PHDs.  You will need a discount code to be applied at checkout.  To obtain that code, please contact USSD at

Can one person register and pay for others?
Yes.  Once you select a webinar and place it in your shopping cart, you can add others to that webinar and pay for all of them.  However all the members need to have logged into the Learning Center at least once to activate their account.  To add people, enter their email address.  If their name does not appear they have not logged into the Learning Center yet. If you do not intend to participate, you can assign your seat to another person after checkout.  From the product page there is a button to assign your seat to someone else.  If you need help with this, contact USSD at

Whom do I contact if I still have questions?
For any questions you have on USSD membership, registration, viewing products, and participating in live webinars, send an e-mail to